Insurance Impact of Early Reopening Or Move to “Yellow” Phase

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May 15, 2020   To Our Clients: Several counties in Pennsylvania are considering reopening early or shifting to a “yellow” phase ahead of Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 timeline.  Regardless of whether we agree or disagree with such a decision, it is important for you to be aware of potential insurance implications should you choose to reopen ahead of the Governor’s order. Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania Insurance Department recently made several public statements regarding provisions in many types of insurance policies that could exclude coverage for businesses or individuals “engaging in illegal acts or conduct”.  We believe that most policyholders recognize that insurance, in general, does not provide coverage for illegal or criminal acts, regardless of the current COVID-19 pandemic or …

PCRB Update to PA WC Manual Due to COVID-19

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On May 5, 2020, the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau released an update to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Manual, specifically to address issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The new provisions have been approved by the Insurance Commissioner, and will apply from April 1, 2020, or later for policies in force on March 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020. Following is a summary of the changes as presented and what they may mean for PA employers. Allocation of Payroll The COVID19 Coronavirus Exception allows for temporary reclassification of payroll for employees working from home to Code 953 – Clerical Office during laws or regulations issued due to COVID-19, if separate, accurate and verifiable records are kept. Once normal operations resume, appropriate …

American Industrial Hygiene Association – Going Back to Work Safely

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The American Industrial Hygiene Association put out the following re-opening guides: At Home Service Providers: AIHA Reopening-Guidance-for-At-Home-Service-Providers_CoVid 19 GuidanceDocument May 2020 General Office Setting: AIHA Reopening-Guidance-for-General-Office-Settings_CoVid 2020 GuidanceDocument 06 May 2020 Rideshare – Taxi, Limo, and Other Passenger Drivers for Hire: AIHA Returning-to-Work-Rideshare-Taxi-Limo-and-other-Passenger-Drivers-for-Hire_CoVid 19 GuidanceDocument 06 My 2020 Retail Industry: AIHA Reopening-Guidance-for-the-Retail-Industry_CoVid 19 GuidanceDocument 06 May 2020 Restaurant Industry: AIHA Reopening-Guidance-for-the-Restaurant-Industry_CoVid 19 GuidanceDocument 06 May 2020 Construction Environments: AIHA Returning-to-Work-Construction-Environments_CoVid 19 GuidanceDocument 06 May 2020 Gyms and Workout Facilities: AIHA Reopening-Guidance-for-Gyms-and-Workout-Facilitiess_CoVid 19 GuidanceDocument 06 May 2020 Hair and Nail Salons: AIHA Reopening-Guidance-for-Hair-and-Nail-Salons_CoVid 19 GuidanceDocument 06 May 2020 Contact your Murray representative at 717.397.9600 for further assistance.  

Liability Immunity Offered by PREP Act

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By Amy G. Mitchell, CIC, CISR, Vice President, Commercial Solutions Are you manufacturing products to support the COVID-19 solution? Respirators, face shields, face masks, etc. You may be eligible for Liability Immunity offered by the PREP Act that was made effective February 4, 2020, by the Department of Health & Human Services for products used for COVID-19. “The PREP Act authorizes the Secretary to issue a declaration to provide liability immunity to certain individuals and entities (covered persons) against any claim of loss caused by, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the manufacture, distribution, administration, or use of medical countermeasures (covered countermeasures). Under the March 10, 2020, declaration, covered countermeasures are any antiviral, any other drug, any biologic, …

Reduce the Potential for Water Damage and Severe Weather Claims

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The insurance industry pays many more claims for water damage than they do for fire damage! And, the number of losses spike during the cold winter months. Do you know how to reduce the potential for water damage from: Wind-blown rain, sleet and snow from severe storms Ice damming Flooding and damage from surface water Accidental activation or damage to piping containing water Roof collapse   For more information and to access the Water Damage Prevention Inspection Checklist >>>  

Preparing for New Cyber Threats

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According to an article by Jody Westby, CEO of Global Cyber Risk, published on Leader’s Edge website, as companies look to the year ahead, they should make sure they are prepared for the types of cyber attacks they might encounter in 2019. The cyber threat environment is more sophisticated than ever, and nation-states have increasingly played a role, often in coordination with other actors. Even the best chief information security officers are evaluating their programs against current threats and beefing up.   Tell me more >>>

Medical Marijuana and Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act was signed by Governor Wolf on April 17, 2016, leaving employers with more questions than answers about employee use of medical marijuana. Key points of the Act note that those who are prescribed medical marijuana must have one of 17 designated “serious medical conditions” as diagnosed by a Department of Health (DOH) registered physician. First, the patient must obtain a certificate from a DOH-registered physician. They then receive an ID card from the DOH, and their name is placed in the state database. The patient is then able to get medical marijuana from a designated dispensary in their area. There are several forms of medical marijuana for patient use. These includes pill, oil, tincture or …

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week: January 29 – February 2

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It is tax time. The tax scammers are gearing-up. Learn how to protect yourself during Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week January 29-February 2, 2018. Tax identity theft occurs when a person uses someone else’s Social Security number to either file a tax return and claim the victim’s refund, or to earn wages that are reported as the victim’s income, leaving the victim with the tax bill. Read more here >>>

Winter Has Arrived

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Winter tips from Paul Davis Restoration of Lancaster & Lebanon Counties …And it appears that the 2018 winter months are going to feature a nationwide split between colder and wetter-than-average conditions in many parts of the northern tier U.S., while the southern tier states will experience warmer and drier-than-average conditions overall, according to The Weather Company, an IBM Business. In addition, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) sees that weak La Niña conditions have already officially developed and forecast a 65 to 75 percent chance of persisting through the 2018 winter months. January through February temperature outlooks from both The Weather Company and NOAA feature some similarities to what is typically expected in a La Niña winter. They suggest the …