Insureds Should Be Prepared for Complex Renewals

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By Emma Brenner for Risk & Insurance In a world that continues to be with unexpected risks, it’s no surprise that insurance markets also experience the same ups and downs. Last year was the most chaotic insurance market the casualty space has seen in the last 30 years. Marked by dwindling capacity, rate increases and non-renewals, the year was a whirlwind for insureds and insurers alike. 2021 is proving to be only somewhat less chaotic. Risk Placement Services’ “U.S. Casualty Market Outlook: Mid-Year 2021” report detailed the trends in the casualty market during the first half of the year and how carriers can craft successful responses for the risks that lie ahead. Key Takeaways>>>

Mandates and Old Man Winter

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By Kevin Rettberg for AssuredPartners The weather is turning, and with it the conditions on the roads will be changing. The incoming winter weather is set to turn the peace and quiet of the tranquil summer, sun-filled roads into a wintry mix of ice and snow in many areas of the country. The idea of what winter brings is nothing new, but somehow this winter feels a little unlike anything we have every experienced. Our weather is a microcosm of what is happening in the US right now: a calm before a storm. However, while we know exactly what weather brings us, there is an upcoming vaccine mandate that is causing a concern from the unknowns that it causes many …

Does Stock Throughput Insurance Make Sense for Your Agribusiness Operation?

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By Gina Ekstam for AssuredPartners As the property insurance market continues to put pricing pressure on renewals, some agribusiness operations have benefited from specialty insurance programs, such as stock throughput coverage, to help them navigate the challenging marketplace. A form of inland marine insurance, a stock throughput program insures a product throughout the supply chain and accounts for any potential gaps in coverage. From the time the product is shipped, stored, and delivered to its final destination, there is a lot at stake. A stock throughput policy provides continuous coverage against all risks not explicitly excluded in the contract as long as the insured has ownership or responsibility for the product. What are the benefits>>>

Improve Operational Health, Maximize Flexibility to Mitigate Drought Risk

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By Gina Ekstam for AssuredPartners According to NOAA, the average global surface temperature was the sixth highest for August 2021 since global records began in 1880. Further, the U.S. Drought Monitor reports that over 46% of the contiguous U.S. experienced moderate to exceptional drought in August. These extreme weather conditions are impacting ag operations across the country. Decreased water availability leads to production losses, increased pests and diseases, and lower livestock productivity. Matt Carstens, president and CEO of Landus in Ames, Iowa, adds, “drought conditions affect weed and fungi control, changes the products that are stored, and impacts the health of livestock. Operationally, severe weather events can lead to supply chain and infrastructure disruption. For example, a lack of corn …

Infrastructure Lacks Critical Funding

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By Kevin Rettberg for AssuredPartners With the September House passage of the latest infrastructure spending bill tagged somewhere around $3.5 trillion, there is still one issue that this bill has not addressed: commercial truck parking. To understand why this is an issue, we need to provide context. It goes without saying, but there is consensus that our nation’s highways and roadways are infrastructure, and as a country there is a continued investment of billions of dollars to maintain and improve them. Another point of agreement, especially having gone through the COVID pandemic, is that our commercial truck drivers are the lifeblood of our economy. Finally, the work that has been done in the industry to make the job safe is …

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Firm Insurance Market Expected to Last into Next Year

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By Gavin Souter for Introduction by Jeffrey Gelburd, Vice President, Murray: As we head into the busy year end property / casualty renewal season, it is important to get a head start and have your best foot forward when negotiating renewal terms. With the exception of cyber liability, which is still very much in flux, rate increases on some lines have slowed down, and underwriters are interested in writing new business. After over two years of rate increases and takeaways, it’s in the best interest of insureds to market their program. Progress can now be obtained in negotiating improvements so anyone with good loss experience should use that to their advantage in renewal negotiations. Click to read Firm Insurance …

To Pay or Not to Pay: Is That the Question?

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By Scott Sinder for LeadersEdge We are on the heels of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and many of us lived the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act debates that followed. The widely shared expectation at the time was that 9/11 was just the first of what we thought would be a long litany of terrorist events on U.S. soil. But those never materialized, and, to date, not one claim has been paid through the TRIA program. The recent exponential growth in “ransomware” claims, however, seems to have bucked that trend. There is a spate of more well publicized cases—Colonial Pipeline and CNA?—but as Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, recently noted, the overall “rate of ransomware attacks …

Does Your Insurance Program Cover All Insurance Requirements in the Contracts You’re Signing?

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By Gary Semmer for AssuredPartners A great question to stop and ask yourself – how certain are you that in the event of a claim your insurance program will trigger coverage? Often, contracts get signed, excited to have that piece completed and ready to get moving with the next part. But, if you aren’t checking your insurance program’s fine print ahead of signing a contract you may be signing something that could be the beginning of a major problem later on. Let’s examine 3 problematic areas: Indemnification Additional Insured Requirements Coverage Restrictions or Exclusions Click to read more>>>

Is a Group Captive Right for Your Business?

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If your organization has a strong business culture that prioritizes employee health and safety and a history of low claims, you can: Have greater control over claim management. Know every penny spent on insurance is accounted for. Take the surprises out of renewal time. In less than four minutes, this video can help you determine if a captive is a good fit for your company. To further discuss the captive options we have available, contact Lori Harris, AAI, CPIA, Captive Director / Account Executive at 717.381.3477 or email her at Murray is proud to be a part of AssuredPartners, committed to providing Power Through Partnership.

AssuredPartners: 10 Years of Growth Based on Relationships

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By Jim Henderson, Chairman and CEO, AssuredPartners for Business Insurance Consolidation has been an ongoing part of insurance distribution for many years. At AssuredPartners, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of our founding. In that time, we have become one of the largest and fast­est-growing brokerages in the United States. But our story is more than just achieving a high level of growth. AssuredPartners is all about building lasting relationships – with our clients, our asso­ciates, our agency partners, and the insurance companies with which we do business to solve our clients’ risk management needs. A lot has changed in a decade, and as we look back since our founding in 2011, we have seen some of those changes. Certainly many …