Using Telematics to Improve Driver Safety

Denise GillinInsurance, Risk Management, Transportation

By Gina Ekstam for AssuredPartners

The number of vehicle accidents continues to rise, putting people at risk and disrupting agribusiness operations. With the use of technology, however, it is possible to improve safety and enhance operations.

As commercial ag operations have grown, telematics has become a cost-effective way to gather data about drivers, individual vehicles, or an entire fleet. Typically, data such as location tracking, driver behavior, and vehicle diagnostics are collected by GPS, dashcams, or sensors installed on the vehicle.

By analyzing the data, it’s possible to prevent and resolve accidents. Addressing operator behavior, such as speed, acceleration rates, and hard braking, not only keeps drivers safe it can also help prevent vehicle damage. Safety training and safe driving incentives may encourage drivers who regularly engage in dangerous behavior to improve their habits.

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