April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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The National Safety Council (NSC) is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, focused on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. One of their initiatives is designating April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. It’s easy to participate: Commit to driving distraction-free by taking the NSC Just Drive Pledge: More than 700 people are injured in distracted driving crashes each day. Encourage all employees and their family members to take the NSC pledge to drive distraction-free. Take the Pledge. Use the 5-minute Safety Talk and presentation: Kick off a meeting with a safety talk and / or PowerPoint presentation to help educate co-workers about the risks of inattention blindness. Grab a blindfold to really drive this point home. Display awareness …

Senior Living: Reducing Fall Risks for New Admissions

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By Peggy Morrison, MSN, RN, BC, CEAL, WCC, QCP for AssuredPartners.com According to the CDC, 3,000,000 older people are treated in emergency departments each year for fall-related injuries. The consequences of falling can range from minor bumps and bruises to major trauma, including fractures (especially of the hip), and brain injuries. Severe injuries from a fall can be life-threatening; an estimated 27,000 older individuals die every year as a direct consequence of or from complications following a fall. Residents are often admitted to senior living care settings as the result of a fall that has occurred in their home or their community. However, admission to a senior living environment also presents its own unique risk for falls for a variety …

April 26 – 30, 2021 is National Work Zone Awareness Week

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Each year in the spring, National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is held to bring national attention to motorist and worker safety and mobility issues in work zones. Work zone related changes in traffic patterns and rights of way, combined with the presence of workers, and the frequent movement of work vehicles, may lead lead to crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Through NWZAW, the Federal Highway Administration and its partners hope to bring attention to the the critical issue of road user and worker safety in and around work zones. This year, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is hosting the 2021 National Work Zone Awareness Week kick-off event on April 27 with the theme, “Drive Safe. Work Safe Save Lives.” …

Economic Stress Tests Workers’ Comp Plans

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By John Lacy for LeadersEdge.com With prevailing economic pressures widely expected to persist, more and more businesses will consider different ways to adapt, including the possibility of smaller, less skilled, and/or over-burdened workforces. These additional stresses could increase the risks of on-the-job injuries and, in some cases, jeopardize the ongoing well-being of the business. The good news for business owners is that those companies willing to proactively refine and manage their workers compensation program can take steps to mitigate losses, thus keeping their workers safe and protecting their business interests. Read how a robust workers’ compensation program is a basic tenet of successful risk management>>>

Three Important Risk Control Techniques For Managing Contractors

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From Millers Mutual Insurance Every time a property owner/manager hires an outside contractor for services such as landscaping, snow and ice removal, or pool maintenance, there is the potential for third-party litigation resulting from the contractor’s work. Property owners/managers can be held liable for wrongful acts committed by a contractor even though the owner/manager may have no direct fault for the act. There are, however, various risk control techniques that will help an owner/manager recognize and control potential liability exposures. Read the 3 risk control techniques>>>

How to Respond to OSHA’s COVID Enforcement

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By David Sparkman for EHSToday.com Employers now find themselves in the crosshairs of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) amped-up enforcement of its COVID-19 guidelines and need to take immediate action to avoid the potential flood of citations and penalties expected to result. OSHA said it is choosing to target those industry sectors that have been generating the highest number of complaints, such as healthcare, which includes hospitals, healthcare providers, assisted living facilities and home healthcare services. Other industries targeted are general warehousing and storage, temporary help and staffing agencies, discount department stores, both full- and limited service restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores (excluding convenience stores), and poultry and meat slaughtering and processing plants. Read the details>>>

Take a Stand for Grain Safety

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By Gina Ekstam for AssuredPartners.com Workers in grain handling facilities are exposed to many serious and life-threatening hazards, including fires, falls, and amputations. Suffocation, however, is the leading cause of death in grain storage bins, occurring when an employee becomes engulfed or entrapped inside a bin. Research by Purdue University’s Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department reveals an increase in the number of documented cases involving all types of agricultural confined spaces, including grain entrapments. In 2019, the 38 grain entrapment cases recorded represented a 26.7% increase from 2018, substantially higher than the five-year average of 28.8 cases per year. Of the total number of reported entrapment cases, 61% resulted in a fatality, a rate higher than the five-year average. OSHA’s …

Everything You Need to Know About the Microsoft Exchange Server Hack

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By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day Four zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server are being actively exploited by a state-sponsored threat group from China and appear to have been adopted by other cyberattackers in widespread attacks. While in no way believed to be connected to the SolarWinds supply chain attack that has impacted an estimated 18,000 organizations worldwide — so far — there is concern that lags in patching vulnerable servers could have a similar impact, or worse, on businesses. Read everything you need to know about the security issues and be updated as the story develops>>>  

March is National Ladder Safety Month

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The American Ladder Institute has designated March as National Ladder Safety Month – the only movement dedicated exclusively to the promotion of ladder safety, at home and at work. Are you choosing the right ladder? Are you taking the time to properly inspect your ladders before starting to work? Did you know a thorough inspection should be made when the ladder is initially purchased and each time it is placed into service? Make ladder safety a priority and participate this month. Click for more information regarding ladder safety training and awareness provided by the American Ladder Institute. Contact a member of the Murray Risk Control Team at 717.397.9600 for additional resources and tools for prevention. #LadderSafetyMonth    

Six Steps to Take After a Car Accident

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By Eric Rosenberg for Westfield Insurance Car accidents happen—and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. These accidents are far more common than you might think. Data from the last U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey in 2018 showed there were over 6.7 million car crashes in the U.S. that year. Of those accidents, nearly 1.9 million resulted in injuries and over 4.8 million of these accidents involved property damage. But while getting into an accident can shake you up, there are important steps to take after one occurs. These measures can help ensure everyone is safe, that the law is being followed and that the car accident claim process is as streamlined as possible. Stay calm …