Contractors Should Know Exclusions in CGL Policy

Joshua EtemadiBonds, Construction

Whether you are a developer, builder, design professional, subcontractor, or supplier, one of the most important aspects of risk management is ensuring both you, and any entities with whom you contract, have good insurance. But, do you really know if you have enough insurance and the types of coverage you need? Ask yourself the following questions and speak to your insurance broker (or find a new one) if you cannot answer them. Tell me more >>>

Why Small Business Owners Shouldn’t Underestimate the Risk of Power Outages

Kimberly WarnerBusiness Insurance, Insurance, News

By Alexander Huls for The Hartford When the electricity goes out at home, it’s often a simple inconvenience. Usually you can remedy this temporary situation with a flashlight and a good book or some board games. But for small business owners, the cost of power outages due to bad weather, accidents, or construction, can be severe – especially if they don’t have business insurance. Tell me more >>> If you have questions about protecting your small business during a power outage, contact Kimberly Warner, Small Business Solutions, Murray.