Why your company should have a safety committee

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By Timothy M. Murray, GSP, Risk Control Consultant

Safety committees are a great tool in helping to keep your employees safe, accident free, and on the job happy and healthy. This is also a good way to bring workers and managers together to create a forum to discuss health and safety concerns throughout your company. There are two major positives for a company to have a state certified safety committee: 1) the decrease in accidents; and 2) lower loss injury costs. Also, having a safety committee significantly impacts the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. There is a five-percent discount credited to your company’s workers’ compensation premium as a reward from PA Labor & Industry for becoming a state certified safety committee.

If you’re not familiar with the requirements and responsibilities necessary to establish and run a safety committee, Succeed has tips to get you started:

  • Make sure new employees are mentored and coached on the importance of safety.
  • Ensure all employees know your company’s safety policies and procedures.
  • Have a process in place for employees to identify and report unsafe conditions.
  • Make certain committee members are engaged and actively participate.

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