Drones With Thermal Sensors Can Detect Hot Spots, Delamination, Moisture Instrusion, Spalling

Joshua EtemadiBonds, Construction

In the U.S., commercial drone use has accelerated across many industries. In the last two years, one million new pilots have registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, and by 2020, experts expect seven million drones to be in use. The 2017 Drone Market Sector Report found that construction (design, building inspection or monitoring) is in the top three uses for commercial drone-based services, behind aerial photography, surveying and mapping, and geographic information systems (GIS). The number of construction and engineering companies using drones is expected to continue to grow, as use cases emerge that offer further business value and competitive advantage for companies with drone programs. Read more here >>>

Report: Majority of Contractors Not Utilizing Emerging Safety Tech

Joshua EtemadiBonds, Construction

Most construction contractors are not utilizing emerging technology such as drones to improve workplace safety, but change is expected as the benefits of using these technologies are proven, awareness grows and their prices start to decrease, according to a new study. The study found that 62% of contractors do not use any of these technologies, which is “no surprise” considering they are still emerging, according to the report by Silver Spring, Maryland-based CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training and New York-based Dodge Data & Analytics published Tuesday. Tell me more >>>

Above Devastated Houston, Armies of Drones Prove Their Worth

Denise GillinNews

Less than a week after the last drops of Hurricane Harvey fell, Houston is just beginning to assess the damage. At least 46 people have died. More than 30,000 houses are flooded and as many as a million vehicles waterlogged. Early estimates suggest the hurricane has inflicted $120 billion in damage on the region, making it the most expensive natural disaster in the country’s history. Tell me more >>>

As Hobby Drone Use Increases, So Do Concerns

Lisa SpencerPersonal Lines

The increase in the use and popularity of drones by hobbyists raises issues regarding associated risks. The article below covers two issues to consider: privacy and security. However, if you have joined the drone craze, are you adequately covered in the event of a mishap? What other issues do you need to consider? Are you aware of the FAA registration rule? For guidance and to learn more, contact our Personal Lines Solution.   Some Los Angeles Kings fans were celebrating the team’s Stanley Cup win outside the Staples Center last week when they noticed a Phantom-model quadcopter drone buzzing above, surveying the scene. Angry at the intrusion, they knocked it down using a T-shirt and smashed it into bits with a …