As Hobby Drone Use Increases, So Do Concerns

Lisa SpencerPersonal Lines

The increase in the use and popularity of drones by hobbyists raises issues regarding associated risks. The article below covers two issues to consider: privacy and security. However, if you have joined the drone craze, are you adequately covered in the event of a mishap? What other issues do you need to consider? Are you aware of the FAA registration rule? For guidance and to learn more, contact our Personal Lines Solution.


Some Los Angeles Kings fans were celebrating the team’s Stanley Cup win outside the Staples Center last week when they noticed a Phantom-model quadcopter drone buzzing above, surveying the scene. Angry at the intrusion, they knocked it down using a T-shirt and smashed it into bits with a skateboard. What remains of the drone is sitting in a Los Angeles Police Department property room, waiting for its owner to claim it.

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