Increased Risk During Civil Unrest

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From Chubb Commercial Insurance

Businesses may face increased risks during periods of public protests and civil unrest, which can threaten employees, disrupt operations, and damage property. You can help mitigate these risks by considering the following actions:

Prioritize employee protection

When civil unrest arises – or appears on the horizon – communicate as soon as possible with your staff to express concern, emphasize the importance of situational awareness, and provide critical guidance to ensure employee and customer safety.

Protect your facilities

Property in areas with unrest face the threat of damage, looting, and arson. Take steps to help protect your company’s facilities.

Secure vacant premises

Vacant buildings are particularly vulnerable to damage during periods of civil unrest – and with the temporary closure of many offices and stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even more facilities than usual may be at risk.

Plan for business continuity

Develop or update your business continuity plan to help your company resume operations quickly after any disruptions caused by civil unrest or other events.

Be ready to make quick adjustments to your operations. Flexibility can pay off in protecting your business and speeding your recovery.

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