COVID-19: Pennsylvania Phased Return-to-Work for Business

Denise GillinNews, Risk Management

By Timothy W. Braun, Risk Control Specialist

As Pennsylvania continues efforts to return to normal, it is critical to be aware of the landscape of orders, laws, regulations, and best practices in order to avoid illness, liability, loss and compliance issues with local, state, or federal government. Failure to follow rules or guidelines could expose individuals or entities to illnesses, fines, lawsuits, insurance claims, harm to reputation, or other adverse outcomes. Being aware of, and adhering to, requirements, recommendations, and other best practices is important.

Read the Safety Practices and Protections for the Phased Return-to-Work for businesses: RC Phased Return to Work for Business

The situation regarding COVID-19 is changing rapidly, along with guidance and recommended actions. Be sure to regularly check the CDC and OSHA online resources along with state and local public health websites for the latest recommendations.

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