5 warning signs to spot identity theft [Video]

Lisa SpencerInsurance

Identity theft is no laughing mattermillions of people experience it every year. Thieves can open new credit cards in your name, cash-in your tax refund and even use your medical insurance for treatment.

One warning sign that someone has your information is if you’re receiving debt or bill collection calls for services or fees you’ve never heard of. Similarly, if your not getting your usual statements or mail, something may be wrong.

The third sign would be merchants refusing your check or credit card due to insufficient funds, and the fourth is if your health insurance rejects a payment or lists you with an illness you don’t have. Last, but not least, if you’re a customer at a company that suffers a data breach, you should consistently check your finances for abnormalities.

Stay tuned for more tips from Murray on how to prevent and remediate identity theft.

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