Medigap plan C and F to be eliminated in 2020 [Video]

Tom KennedyMedicare

Two of Medigap’s most popular plan options are on the chopping block for 2020 due to a new law surrounding Medicare part B deductibles—but what does this mean for you?

Plans C and F are commonly referred to as “first-dollar” coverage, meaning they pay all deductibles and co-pays leftover after Medicare pays its share for non-emergency medical care. But in an effort to cut program costs, new Medicare beneficiaries will not be able to purchase “first-dollar” Medigap plans starting in 2020.

Industry experts expect premiums will rise on grandfathered C and F plans, so you should consider switching your plan or find out what your options are.

If you need some help understanding how to move forward, contact one of the Murray experts—and tune in next time for more news.

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