Who Will Protect My College-Bound “Baby”?

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By Cori Booth, Master Underwriter, Westfield Insurance, Pennsylvania Newsletter, August 2017

Many of our customers will face the worrisome prospect of sending their children off to college in the next couple months. It is a scary time for these parents because they know they cannot protect their ‘babies’ from the influences of newfound freedom and college life. We can alleviate at least one worry for these clients by automatically protecting their children and their children’s things while away at school.


  • ‘Insured’ means: A student age 23 or younger who is enrolled in school full time and who was a resident relative of the household before moving to attend school. Personal liability and med pay is afforded. Premises liability is also afforded if not owned by the insured and temporarily residing there. Liability can be extended if requested.
  • The limit for property at the student’s school residence is 10% of the limit of liability for Coverage C, subject to the provisions of the policy. *Take note of theft exclusion for contents at the student’s location if he or she has not been there in any of the 60 days prior to the loss.
  • A certificate of insurance should satisfy a landlord’s request for proof of insurance. We will not add landlords/associations/etc as Additional Insureds on a personal policy. If a separate renter’s policy/DEC proof is required, we will write an HOP renter’s policy with the landlord as an Additional Interest if the parents’ account is in good standing.


  • ‘Insured’ means: You or any family member (person related to Named Insured or spouse by blood, marriage, or adoption who is a resident of household) for the use of any auto. Most stu-dents away at school are still residents of the parents’ home (parents claim the student as a dependent, carry health insurance for them, they live there in the summer, get mail there, etc) Con-sequently, if it can be shown that a student’s primary residence is still our insureds’ residence, then they are an ‘insured’ on the auto – no age restriction.


  • Insured definition mimics auto language. Student who still utilizes parents’ home as primary residence is an insured.

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