Recruitment: How Do I Find the Right People?

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Recruitment of top talent is an important issue for small business owners as it’s critical to the success of any operation. The full process of recruiting is time consuming and can be fraught with errors. Organizations that do not possess a full-time HR resource find that the time required to identify and engage a new team member can be overwhelming. When there is a single team member responsible for the HR function, recruiting can become a priority leaving other business critical activities to fall to the side. Juggling phone screens, interviews and reference checks can take time away from other critical HR functions. Regardless of who is responsible, recruiting is a lot of work when done properly.

How should it be done?

Consider the recruiting process flow below. Each of these steps is critical to successful recruiting. Skipping just one can mean you miss talent in the marketplace, or worse yet hire a bad fit and need to start all over!

What’s the big deal?

I once heard from a manager that it was no big deal – he could train a new hire in an hour or two, and if it didn’t work out he’d just take someone else. That may be well and good for him, but how about all the time to get the person hired, and then removed from payroll, benefits, and general admin. Not to mention the time for HR to bring an employee in, and then deal with the separation, including unemployment. We’ve created a great turnover evaluation tool in HR Hacks and you will quickly find – it IS a big deal!

So how do I fit this in with everything else?

Recruiting takes time, that’s for sure – but getting it right the first time is a lot easier than having to do it all over again. Go through all the steps, and be confident that the person you select will be a great fit for the position, and your organization. Then…retain them! Show employees you care, give them honest feedback and allow them to be part of the team. The best tool in your recruiting toolkit is actually retention of the current team – so you don’t have to recruit at all.



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