Protect your business from ransomware in 2017 [Video]

Amy MitchellRisk Management

Ransomware is a buzzword among the IT community. With record-setting numbers of cyberattacks occurring each day, businesses are stumped as to how they can avoid becoming the next target.

The first thing every business should do is continuously back up corporate and client data. Then, make sure all applications and software are constantly being updated to the latest version. Hackers like to sneak into a network through vulnerabilities found in old versions of general computer programming languages.

Consider investing in a cybersecurity solution that allows you to centralize network managementor one that provides specific protection against ransomware. A company’s network can be difficult to manage, especially when other connected devices such as smartphones can also be attacked.

Last, but not least, contact Murray for expert advice on preventative measures and resources you can use to protect your business when it comes to ransomware attacks—and stay tuned for more tips and news.

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