Preserve Mental Wellbeing with these Online Schooling Resources

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By Michael Diller, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist and Director, Employee Assistance Program, WellSpan

Due to the pandemic, many teachers are conducting classes remotely, and many families are navigating virtual learning. Parents, caregivers, and teachers are working together to support each other and their students. During this uncertain school year, how do we recognized the signs that a young person is struggling with their mental health? What resources are available to help overcome these new challenges?

Two websites with resources that can help alleviate some of the online school day stress and assist with the mental wellbeing of students learning virtually are Mental Health America (MHA) of Lancaster County and the Department of Education and Liberal Arts at Ashford University. Both websites have materials designed to help families dealing with an online return to school.

Back to school toolkit

Mental Health America of Lancaster County has graphic-based materials for youth, young adults, and their parents. Click for their Back to School Toolkit 2020. Resources include difficult subjects that relate to:

  • Growing up
  • Coping with COVID-19
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Illness

Collaborative public resource site

The Department of Education and Liberal Arts at Ashford University offers a webinar series: The Dog Ate My Mask that provides schooling and parenting tips to use during a pandemic. The cleverly named webinars cover how to create a home learning environment that fosters success through engagement and motivation to work in an online environment. The webinars recognize the unique learning needs for different age groups. Sessions include:

  • Why are the crayons in Your Lunchbox? Organizing your learning environment for success
  • No, you can’t play video games right now: Staying motivated through online learning
  • This is the way we learn from home, learn from home, learn from home: Supporting elementary Pre-K – 5 grade students with online learning
  • Scrolling and eye rolling: Promoting Teen (6 – 12 grade) student success in online learning
  • Now for the good stuff: What’s out there to add to my toolbox
  • Distanced but not detached: Supporting students as they navigate online learning

Remember this is a very stressful time. Don’t fret if you can’t adhere to a strict schedule or curriculum. For your own mental wellbeing, it’s important to acknowledge you are doing your best to get through another day; just keep moving forward.

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