Murray Named “Marketing Agency of the Year for 2017” by Rough Notes Magazine

Denise GillinNews

Rough Notes, one of the insurance industry’s leading publications, previously featured the Murray executive leadership team on their cover and in the May 2016 edition as “Agency of the Month”. Later, other insurance agents and brokers across North America voted for Murray to be named Rough Notes Magazine’s “Marketing Agency of the Year for 2017.”

Dave Willis, Editor-in-Chief of Rough Notes stated, “Murray was chosen by its peers – other agencies and brokers from across North America that have earned the same recognition over the past 28 years. These leading agencies and brokers saw characteristics in Murray – from its creative approaches to addressing risk to the fact that it’s an employee-owned agency – that made it stand out from the rest.”

“We are honored that Murray was selected as the Agency of the Year,” said Richard Rankin, CIC, Chairman, President and CEO. “Our employee owners have a wealth of insurance and risk management knowledge and work diligently to improve the safety and security of our clients. We feel responsible for following through with the commitments we make and for protecting the businesses and individuals we serve.”

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