Getting Younger Employees’ Safety Buy-In

Denise GillinRisk Management, Workers' Compensation

By Zach Pucillo for

One of the most impactful ways to motivate younger workers to reduce their risk tolerance is to focus on technology. This generation grew up with mobile phones, apps, and social media, and their cell phones are likely attached at their hips.

Certainly, if distractions from a mobile phone or electronic tablet could result in safety hazards at work, consider implementing a ban on such usage in high-risk work areas. But, once you’ve identified those risks and implemented policies and practices to properly address those issues, consider the ways in which you can leverage technology to work to your advantage.

For instance, consider including your safety data sheets (SDSs) in a mobile application that’s easily accessible 24/7 from a mobile phone or tablet. Embrace the fact that the days of exclusively relying on an old dusty binder that’s chock full of SDSs are generally gone and that it’s time to empower the workforce by placing the safety information they need at their fingertips. This can also be an opportunity to bring those younger workers into the process of selecting an app to use, so they feel included and are proactively contributing to the process.

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