Encourage Near Miss Reporting to Improve Worker Safety

Denise GillinAgribusiness, Risk Management

By Gina Ekstam for AssuredPartners.com

Imagine a scenario where an employee uses machinery without proper training, or a worker almost slips in a puddle of water caused by leaking equipment. No one is injured, but someone could have been. These near misses are just two examples of the many incidents that occur every day in the workplace that could result in serious injury or damage.

OSHA refers to these near misses as “Close Calls,” which means “an incident that could have caused serious injury or illness but did not.”

Near miss incidents may not cause immediate harm, but they can precede events in which an injury or loss could occur. Implementing a miss reporting system allows safety managers to capture valuable data for statistical analysis, correlation studies, trending and performance management. By encouraging employees to report near misses, employers have an opportunity to prevent future incidents.

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