Department of Agriculture Urges Farmers to Protect Against Flood Damage

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From the July 2018 Farm Link newsletter…

Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding today urged farmers and pet owners, particularly in central Pennsylvania, to prepare for the potential of flooding due to recent heavy rains.

“It is critical that Pennsylvanians protect their animals, property, and assets against flooding, and many steps can be taken now to prevent future damage,” Redding said.

Redding offered the following tips to help agricultural producers minimize damage caused by floodwaters:

Ensure manure storage area has sufficient capacity, as rains can add to depth.
Relocate livestock and animals from low-lying, flood-prone areas.
Move machinery, feed, grain, pesticides, herbicides, forage bales and nursery stock to higher elevation.
Store enough livestock feed and water for 72 hours.
Fill generators with fuel and test them to ensure they are in good repair.
Disconnect electric power to all buildings that may flood.

Crop farmers should:

Notify crop insurance agent within 72 hours of discovery of crop damage.
Leave intact all residue and crop damage until insurance agents can properly assess extent of damage.
Contact your agent or the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture at 717-705-9511 with questions about crop insurance.

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