Creating a Safety Program

Matt OlphinRisk Management

Hello, and welcome to the Murray video blog. To create a safety incentive program that aligns with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s current views on incentives and mitigates risk, review the approaches OSHA discourages and the ones it and other organizations like the National Safety Council recommends.

OSHA isn’t fond of programs that offer incentives to employees, departments, management, or locations for avoiding incidents over a specified period. Due to these program’s outcome-oriented nature, employees could avoid reporting accidents, and managers could pressure employees not to report, so they keep their bonuses.

Instead, incentivize employees and management for identifying hazards. Also, offer rewards for participation and leadership in safety programs.

The word is still out on whether new approaches to safety incentive programs have been more successful than past methods. However, the goal remains: Get employees and management engaged and involved in your organization’s efforts to enrich the safety culture.

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