AssuredPartners: 10 Years of Growth Based on Relationships

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By Jim Henderson, Chairman and CEO, AssuredPartners for Business Insurance

Consolidation has been an ongoing part of insurance distribution for many years. At AssuredPartners, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of our founding. In that time, we have become one of the largest and fast­est-growing brokerages in the United States. But our story is more than just achieving a high level of growth. AssuredPartners is all about building lasting relationships – with our clients, our asso­ciates, our agency partners, and the insurance companies with which we do business to solve our clients’ risk management needs.

A lot has changed in a decade, and as we look back since our founding in 2011, we have seen some of those changes. Certainly many aspects of the insurance business remain familiar, but there are several shifts that come to mind:

  • Risks have evolved
  • Clients are seeking specialists
  • Insurance is still a people business
  • It’s a team sport
  • The work is rewarding
  • Results happen locally
  • Culture matters in partnerships

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