What Manufacturers Need to Know About Loss Control

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Q&A with Ryan Overly, Risk Control Consultant with Murray, an AssuredPartners company

By Jenn DeWalt, Business Development Specialist, Murray

This is the fourth part of a series on safety considerations for manufacturing companies:

The first part of the series covered specific loss control considerations manufacturing companies need to consider regarding workers’ compensation and keeping their employees safe.

The second part of the series covered information on the top causes of loss in the manufacturing industry.

The third part of the series covered valuable tips on keeping drivers and fleets safe.

Almost $1.2 billion is paid out every week in our country for workers’ compensation claims.  Manufacturers in particular may be experiencing what often seem like small incidents, but those small claims are certainly adding up.

Ryland Overly, GSP, Risk Control Consultant from Murray’s Risk Management team, offers information that can help those businesses in the manufacturing industry develop a better safety culture.

Q: Can you outline the safety techniques Murray offers – both virtual and online.

A: Virtual: All of Murray’s Risk Control Consultants can provide virtual training on most safety topics – just reach out to the Murray Risk Control Department. If you are not looking for instructor-led virtual training with us, you can check out Murray’s Risk Control Toolbox for a slew of safety resources. Our Risk Control Toolbox includes training resources such as Toolbox talks, which you can use to provide training yourself, or use the listings of other entities that could provide safety training for your company. Here’s the link.

Online: Murray’s Risk Control Consultants support an online Risk Management System called Succeed. Succeed is free to all of Murray’s clients; to gain access to this program, reach out to our Risk Control Department or your assigned risk management representative.

Succeed is such a powerful tool for any company. It has many uses, from tracking Certificates of Insurance, Safety Data Sheets, safety audits, incidents, and training records to facilitating online training and generating incident trend graphs. Training and tracking incidents are the two primary uses for which our clients use Succeed.

Succeed has an immense library of online training materials including videos and toolbox talks that cover most topics. Many resources are available on demand in English and Spanish. You can present the training to a group or have individuals complete it at their own pace. All employees need to access Succeed is a computer or smartphone and a login that is either individual or company wide.

Another great feature of this training resource is that it will track who has completed what training. Also, if a person was so inclined, they can download Succeed’s training PowerPoints and toolbox talks and watch the topics themselves. This option is great when presenting a topic that needs to be tailored with information specific to your company.

The Incident tracker is a wonderful tool for a company to manage its incident records. The Incident tracker is a simplified way to track, maintain, and generate your OSHA logs, manage an accident investigation plus file your first report of injury. The system can be used to chart a company’s incident information into trend graphs, which can be used to identify problem areas. Depending on how detailed a company wants to be with inputting information about the incidences, this system can churn out some very comprehensive trend graphs.

For more information or to be connected to our dedicated Manufacturing experts and extensive Risk Management team, contact our Business Development Specialist here at Murray, an AssuredPartners company, or call (717) 397-9600.

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