Safety culture and your organization [Video]

Matt OlphinRisk Management

Hello, and welcome to the Murray video blog. Today, let’s talk about safety culture and why it’s important.

A company’s overall culture influences its safety culture. While many organizations and safety professionals try to create a culture of safety, they fail to realize they already have one. Instead of building one, they should ask how to make the existing one more effective.

What does your company do to promote safety? Do company leaders show their support of these efforts? Do employees feel the organization cares about their wellbeing and health? Answering these questions can help guide the way to a proactive safety culture.

A strong safety culture mitigates risks like employee injuries and absenteeism. To realize such direct and indirect cost benefits, have management lead the charge, and keep employees involved. Also, check out what leaders at other organizations have done.

Contact Murray to find out what we can do for your safety culture, and stay tuned for more insights.

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