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By Maureen Brody for

There’s an old maxim about pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps, but career achievement is more often a collaborative enterprise in which successful people spot, sponsor and promote their future replacements. In that vein, The Council and several of its members and valued partners are undertaking efforts to assist minority talent with entering the insurance industry – and thriving in it.

Some questions executives can ask:

  • How many of our executives come from racial minorities? Is this representative of the general population? If not, why?
  • Are we recruiting from places that have substantial minority participation? If not, where can we turn for more access to minority candidates?
  • Can we sponsor a scholarship, internship or apprenticeship?
  • How can we broaden career opportunities for our junior-level minority employees? Can we encourage them to try something new with confidence and support?
  • Who in our organization would be a good mentor? How can we pair them with the right person?
  • Do we know what developmental needs our minority hires have? Can we ask them?
  • What external training and networking opportunities can we promote?
  • How can we reward real DE&I progress at the management level?

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