Living Our Core Values as an Agency

Denise GillinNews

Living our Core Values as an Agency has never been more important. Facing the challenges of coronavirus, we joined together to seek balance in our personal and professional lives, took ownership of our health and responsibility for protecting our clients and families. But now, the horrible death of George Floyd focuses our attention on the bias that exists in our world and elevates the significance of our “community” and “diversity” values. This senseless act reinforces the importance of righting wrongs and healing wounds that go far deeper than we may have known. The need for personal and community action is on our minds as we ask ourselves, “What can I do – what can we do together?”

To say we know what to do would be untrue; but, we do know having the conversation is important and staying silent is not an option. We encourage you to look for ways to support local organizations like the YWCA who are leading conversations, and others who are making a difference in their own way. We also ask you to think about how we can celebrate diversity within Murray to bring about positive change.

Yes, the protests make us see our differences in terms of race, but we need to acknowledge that all of our differences – skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief, gender, age – are our strengths. Inclusivity will make us stronger, better people and in better position to join the conversation. Nothing says it better than this video:  “Inclusion starts with I”.


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