Top Five FAQs Regarding P&C Captives

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By Denise Gillin for AssuredPartners Why would an organization want to join a captive? That’s a great question, and the answer starts with understanding alternative risk management strategies outside those provided by traditional insurance programs. In simple terms, captives are member-owned insurance companies operating for the members’ benefit. For business owners who want greater control over their casualty insurance program, a captive can be a good option. It involves sharing risks with others, blending services and expenses through a custom-built program that is best for each member as well as the group. The top five frequently asked questions regarding captive membership are a good place to start exploring the possibilities of captive membership together. Tell me more>>>

When Traditional Insurance Doesn’t Fit: Captive Structures

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By AP Captives for AssuredPartners AssuredPartners Captives experts know that sometimes traditional insurance isn’t the best option, but what is the alternative? Throw out the “cookie cutter” model and consider a captive as an alternative risk transfer technique to provide protection outside of the conventional insurance model. Captives can result in greater control and greater return on investment if, and only if, they are entered into for the right reasons, managed prudently and by professionals committed to long-term success. Simply stated, captives are member-owned insurance companies that operate for the members’ benefit. To be eligible for this type of alternative risk option, companies must meet stringent financial and safety qualifications. Click to read Captive Considerations>>>

Best Report Finds Captives Continuing To Outperform Commercial Market

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Copyright © 2021 A.M. Best Company, Inc. and/or its affiliates. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Shared from Despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, rated captive insurance companies in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, and Barbados continue to outperform US commercial casualty insurers, according to A.M. Best. A Best’s Market Segment Report, “Rated BCIB Captives Continue Strong Performance in Comparison to Commercial Casualty Composite,” suggests that captives in the three domiciles outperform the US commercial casualty composite on underwriting and operating profitability. Despite the pandemic and the addition of new risks as a result of the hardening commercial insurance market, the group of captive insurance companies saw net earned premium growth of 11 percent in 2020, Best said. Read more>>>

The Impact of COVID-19 on ESOP Executive Liability Insurance

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By Patrick J. Dixon, Account Executive, and Jeff Gelburd, CPCU, ARM, Vice President As we continue to work through the current pandemic, ESOP companies considering purchasing or renewing Executive Liability Insurance (D&O, Fiduciary, EPL, and Crime) should know that the insurance marketplace is taking measures on new applications as well as upcoming renewals. Read how it may impact >>> Murray, an ESOP Company, administers an affinity insurance program endorsed by The ESOP Association since 1989. The Program offers D&O, Fiduciary, EPL and Cyber Liability insurances to ESOP companies. If you have questions, contact Patrick (717.725.3203) or Jeff (717.579.1485).