September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

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By Nicole Snavely, Associate Wealth Coach

Life insurance is important to protect your family and is especially vital if you own a business. That makes Life Insurance Awareness Month the perfect time to review your financial plan to make sure you and your family are adequately protected from any unexpected monetary downturn.

You protect your property; have you protected YOU?

According to the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA), the pandemic has made us all aware that life is fragile and financial situations can change quickly. While the value of life insurance is generally recognized, 46% of Americans are uninsured and many more do not have enough coverage. Prior to the pandemic, almost one in three families said if the primary wage earner died, they would face financial challenges.

As your life changes, so do your financial needs.

Life insurance should be the foundation of your financial plan. At Murray, our goal is to provide our clients with proper coverage at the best price for their specific needs. Our comprehensive products and services provide a strategic advantage to anticipate and prepare for future challenges, opportunities, and growth. Some topics we can discuss to help you be better prepared and more secure are:

  • Considerations to ensure you have adequate life insurance
  • Best methods for transferring your property
  • Proper valuation of your business for successful succession
  • Components of an effective wealth transfer program

Whether you are purchasing a home, buying a car, or – most importantly – protecting your family from an unfortunate event, let’s take a look together and make sure YOU are adequately covered.

To discuss your family’s financial security, contact Nicole at 717.858.1675 or email her at for more information.


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