Workers' Compensation

Injured worker and worker's compensation insurance

Protecting Your People, Profits, and Ability to Perpetuate.

Whether you employ thousands of people or just one, each employee and each injury matters. We create custom workers' compensation solutions, leveraging the expertise of our claims and risk control team to help you prevent injury when it can be prevented, and quickly return your employees to wellness when it can’t.

Claims Consulting and Advocacy

Every Murray client can count on our whole team to safeguard your interests and advocate on your behalf. It’s the foundation on which all of our services are built. We will represent you to the insurance carrier and work to obtain the highest level of attention needed. In the event of an emergency, our 24-hour claim consulting network puts you in touch with the right people, right away. No matter your business’ size, we provide smart resources and advice to help streamline the workers’ compensation process for you and your employees.

Claims Management and Adjusting

With more than 30 professionals on our claims and risk control team, we have the expertise to manage every workers' compensation claim from beginning to resolution – regardless of how major or minor the claim – and we do it with our signature personal touch. Our service goes beyond what a traditional insurance company can offer – from our unique intake process offering guidance and support for your injured workers to our proactive communication model designed to bring information to you before you have to ask for it. Learn more about our Claims services.

Murray Workers' Compensation Results

When Murray manages a claim, we achieve better than industry standard results.

  • 11 weeks - average duration of disability (PA's average is 22 weeks)
  • 6% - Murray's drug costs as a percentage of WC Medical Costs (the industry average is 14%)
  • 97.7% - lost time claims closed in 2017 and prior years
  • $5,883 - average total cost per claim (the industry average is $11,498)
  • $356 - average prescription drug cost per injured worker (the industry average is $1,421)

Third Party Administration (TPA)

Employers who choose to self-insure their workers’ compensation exposure as well as members of captive insurance companies managed by or contracted to Murray can take advantage of our unique TPA management and communication services. A commitment to working in partnership with our team brings you professional support, open communication, and an improvement to your bottom line. Learn more about our Third Party Administration services.

Murray's Signature Personal Touch

When it comes to controlling claim costs, it's not just what the Murray team does; it's how and when they do it.

  • Murray will coach you and your team through difficult conversations about the process to help everyone keep moving in the same direction
  • Team members will provide training for your staff and supervisors regarding reporting and investigation, with steps to improve your results.
  • Murray connects the entire team - your supervisors, the injured worker, medical providers, and safety professionals - for effective collaboration and results.
  • Guaranteed cost
  • Dividend plans
  • The Murray-Eastern Program
  • Loss sensitive plans
  • Self-Insurance
  • Captives
Risk Control
  • Consulting
  • Service planning
  • Safety management

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