Why Murray?

Our approach versus the traditional insurance agency
What Our Clients Are Saying

If an insurance policy is a piece of paper and a promise to help when things go wrong, nothing matters more than the integrity of the people keeping the promise. Our associates conduct business with a firm adherence to an ethical code governing our words, actions, and inter-relationships with the insurance companies represented and the clients served. You can count on us to place your coverage with financially sound companies who honor the insurance contracts they offer, to represent your risks honestly to every insurance company approached, and to be straightforward with you at all times – with good or bad news! Our reputation for honesty has earned us preferred status with leading insurance companies and strong relationships with large numbers of specialty, regional and national companies; enabling us to pair you with the insurance company that will bring the most value to your program. We know trust is earned, not given, and are committed to being thoughtful and responsible in managing what is entrusted to our care. We hold ourselves accountable to honor our service commitments and ask you to do the same.

Murray associates are well versed in the fundamentals of insurance and risk management, but then we go farther. We immerse ourselves in the areas and industries in which we specialize. These industry solutions include construction and surety bonding, healthcare, agribusiness, municipalities, human Services, hospitality and entertainment and schools and universities. We’ve even created a team for our small business clients and their special needs.


Which came first, the service that meets the need of our clients or the clients looking for a particular service? Like the chicken and egg cycle, when they go together so well it’s hard to tell. Listening to our clients is the basis of building the insurance and risk management programs they need to reduce their overall cost of risk. Sometimes the traditional solution is the right one – most of the time it takes innovation. Whatever the case, the solution is designed and built for each client.

Education is the foundation of innovation. Our associates are held to high standards for on-going education in their area of expertise. Our commitment to you is demonstrated in the seminars and events we host featuring respected speakers on timely topics, in the one-on-one programs held with and for our business partners and clients, and in the time we spend learning from our clients. We gain knowledge from each other then use it to safeguard your business, it’s profitability, your employees, and your personal safety.

Client Advocacy and Education

A major focus in addition to client advocacy is to offer tools and information to your staff to help them continue “Best Practices” risk management when the Murray team is not present. For that reason, we have made a firm commitment to creating and / or sponsoring on-going educational opportunities for our clients in addition to the personal support needed.

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