Third Party Administration

Third Party Administration

If you self-insure your losses, you don’t need to be told how important it is to tightly manage your claims. It’s your money on the line. Your employees’ lives and your business reputation are at stake.

We work with self-insured clients of all sizes and levels of experience, evaluating your specific needs. From this assessment, we work with you to design a customized solution to enhance your claims management results.

Our Philosophy: Day One. Minute One.

Third-party administration involves more than tracking a claim after it occurs. It involves designing a model and incorporating a process that is customized to you to manage events “day one, minute one.”

TPA Solutions

Workers’ Compensation

In our “day one, minute one” process, the key to managing workers’ compensation claims lies in a team approach synchronized by our Administrative Case Managers (ACM). The ACM is a single point of contact through the life of every claim, coordinating and facilitating communication between the injured worker, the employer and the medical provider. You and your claim manager are the decision-makers, but the ACM ensures injured workers don’t get lost in the system and claims don’t fall through the cracks.


General and automobile liability claims are managed with a superior level of care and expediency to ensure the best outcome. Early recognition and reporting is the foundation of effectively and efficiently managing these claims. Through education, training and communication, our claims professionals focus on concerns before they become events, and events before they become claims, with a strong focus on continuous improvement.

Medical Professional

Our event management concept is critical to successful results for physicians and healthcare providers. It includes a convenient reporting process, immediate and on-going contacts, prompt and thorough investigations and proactive litigation management. A principal focus is on loss control and prevention in an effort to control frequency and severity of events and claims, while concurrently enhancing a physician’s practice. It is the vision of our program(s) to continue to develop cutting edge loss prevention techniques for specialty areas.

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