Three Ways Self-driving Cars Will Affect The Insurance Industry

Lisa Spencer News, Personal Lines

It feels like a page out of a science-fiction book: self-driving cars shuttling people around with little or no input from passengers. And yet, here we are. Self-driving technology is already a reality, and it’s improving every day thanks to machine learning and owner input. We’re not quite at the point of ditching drivers altogether, but that time may come sooner rather than later. Experts predict that self-driving vehicles could be the norm by the 2040s. Some people, like Tesla’s Elon Musk, think human-operated cars could be banned completely. Read more here >>>

Three Giants – Berkshire, Amazon, JPMorgan – To Form Joint Employee Venture

Matt Pfeiffenberger News

Article by Andrew G. Simpson for “Insurance Journal” Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are partnering to create an independent healthcare company for their U.S. employees that will be focused on improving employee satisfaction and reducing costs. The new venture will be “free from profit-making incentives and constraints” and will initially emphasize technology solutions that will “provide U.S. employees and their families with simplified, high-quality and transparent healthcare at a reasonable cost,” the companies aid. Read more here >>>