Sub’s Lawsuit Alleges Nonpayment By Contractors, Sureties For South Carolina Airport Work

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A mechanical contractor is suing the lead builders and their bonding agencies for almost nonpayment of work performed during the $200 million makeover of Charleston International Airport. Bell Constructors of Rochester, N.Y., claims in its civil lawsuit filed this month in Charleston County the joint venture of Texas-based Austin Commercial and Hitt Contracting of Virginia has not paid nearly $900,000 for labor and materials as part of Bell’s $22.4 million subcontract at the airport. Read the full article >>>

Contractors Seek Way To Meet Hiring Rules Amid Skilled Worker Shortages

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Contractors participating in publicly funded construction projects often run up against conditions they might not otherwise come across in private work. Such requirements can range from payment and performance bonds, to paying prevailing wages or submitting certified payroll forms on a regular basis. While some of those conditions may be easier to comply with than others, few are as contentious as local hiring requirements, or those that ensure a predetermined percentage of the job’s workforce come from within the project’s surrounding area. Tell me more >>>

Construction Bonds, Inc. Named On SBA’s Top Performing Bond Agency List for 2017

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The U.S. Small Business Administration announced today its most active surety companies and agencies for fiscal year (FY) 2017, which contributed to increases in the Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) Program’s activity. “FY2017 yielded impressive numbers that would not have been possible without our top performing surety partners and bond agencies,” said Peter Gibbs, Acting Director for the Office of Surety Guarantees.  “The SBA is very pleased with the results that we have seen, and the tremendous impact made on small businesses by not only contributing to the economy, but also by creating economic opportunities for other Americans.” Read the full Press Release >>>

Drug and Alcohol Policy – Now What?

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Does your company have a written drug and alcohol testing process to go along with its drug and alcohol policy? A drug and alcohol policy and process are both important; the policy is generally located in a company’s employee handbook which has been communicated to all employees but the process is a guide, tools and training for management which is relayed to them. Many companies have a drug and alcohol policy which begins with their philosophy and tolerance for drugs and alcohol and includes the types of drug and alcohol testing: pre-employment, random and post-accident (Department of Labor regulated employees), reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, follow-up and refusal to test, etc. However, some companies lack a detailed testing process for their management which …

Easy Steps To Reduce Cast Iron Boiler Failures Due To Thermal Shock

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By William P. Desrosiers in “Business, Energy Efficiency, Equipment Care” Thermal shock leads to many cast iron boiler failures, but boiler manufacturers set operational limits to avoid the cumulative conditions that lead to thermal shock. By following manufacturer’s specifications and scheduling consistent, coordinated servicing, cast iron boiler owners can reduce the risk of thermal shock. Tell me more >>>

Winter Safety: 10 Hypothermia Symptoms

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Winter is coming, and prepping workers for cold temperatures should start well before the first snowflake falls. Proper PPE should include multiple layers of protection, both moisture-wicking and wind-resistant, as well as gloves and hard hat liners. Dressing improperly, wetness/dampness and preexisting conditions can contribute to cold stress and hypothermia, a condition that occurs when the body’s temperature begins to fall to dangerous levels, resulting in tissue damage and even death. Read the full article >>>

OSHA Announces Two-Week Deadline Extension For Electronic Reporting of Injury, Illness Data

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OSHA has delayed until Dec. 15 the compliance date for employers to electronically submit injury and illness data. The agency’s final rule is scheduled to be published in the Nov. 24 Federal Register. The delay allows “affected employers additional time to become familiar with a new electronic reporting system,” OSHA states in a Nov. 22 press release. Read the full article >>>

Insurers Have Growing Role In Helping Contractors Manage Loss Control

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The high-risk intersection of skill level and safe operations is traditionally a “proceed-with-caution” zone in the construction industry. It presents the greatest peril when owners and contractors are pressed to hire earnest but unskilled workers to bridge the gap between the current workforce and the staffing levels they need to meet demand. Read the full article >>>