Mission and Values

Our Mission

At Murray Securus, our mission is a simple, yet important one to our clients:

“We provide smart solutions to help our clients be better prepared and more secure.”

Our Values

In 2015, we polled our associates and asked them what words, thoughts or feelings embodied the Murray Securus culture. From their list of over 500+ words or phrases, a small team worked to focus our associates’ thoughts into values statements that embody the culture. Here’s what our team and our associates ultimately stated as the core values by which we conduct ourselves:

  • Build Trust – It doesn’t happen automatically. You earn it by being genuine – by telling the truth when it might be easier not to. You keep it by honoring your commitments and following through every time – all the time.
  • Create Opportunity – Exploration, learning and growth don’t happen without the space to do it in. Take a chance – find a new way for a client, help a co-worker succeed, stretch yourself and take your career to a whole new level.
  • Cultivate Community – It’s our responsibility to improve the places where we live, work and play – but we can’t do it alone. Make genuine connections. Be a positive influence and have fun along the way.
  • Seek Balance – Home life – work life – dog life – whatever you care about life! It might be a balancing act, but it makes a happier person who can relate to the things we all juggle every day.
  • Celebrate Diversity – We love that we’re all unique! Sit in the back if you want, or be the leader of the pack. Each new perspective brings its own approach to conquering the challenges we face every day and makes us that much better, together.
  • Take Ownership – It’s our company. We’re accountable for our own outcomes. Champion safety – safeguard your health – protect our clients – serve our community. Whatever it is, own it!

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