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Your employees bring their emotions, personal problems, and personal bias to work with them every day – the complex job of the human resource professional is to appreciate all of that while still holding them accountable. Then add the management of benefit plans, workers’ compensation, compliance with State and Federal laws, and any number of other things that fall to Human Resources, and the stress only rises.

Sometimes HR professionals need an ear – someone to bounce ideas off of. Sometimes they need guidance or resources – sometimes it’s an extra set of hands – sometimes they need technology. Whatever it is we’re here.

Murray Supports Your HR Professionals

All of our clients have access to a listening and informed support team. We provide that listening ear, and more:

  • Second opinions – basic Human Resources advice
  • Scorecards to help evaluate Human Resources’ function within your business
  • HR Insights – online materials with information on topics of the day
  • HR toolkits – tips for on-boarding, interviewing, performance reviews, recruiting, and termination

Custom On-Going Support

If you need more support, our professionals will guide you to the appropriate resources, explaining the menu of services with the associated costs and the expected work product. They’ll also guide you to the technology platforms that coordinate all the pieces for you.

Or you can also choose to contract for on-going support and the level that works for you. We provide varying levels of support in the following key areas:



  • FLSA regulations
  • Employee orientation
  • I-9 compliance


  • Federal poster advisor
  • HR toolkits
  • Learning modules

Key Functions

  • Handbook review
  • Record keeping
  • New hire paperwork



  • Hiring process
  • Performance management
  • Employee communication
  • Progressive discipline


  • Job descriptions
  • Interview questions
  • Performance review building
  • Learning modules

Key Functions

  • Job description creation
  • Sourcing / recruiting
  • Performance improvement and discipline



  • Employee satisfaction
  • Investigation
  • Company policy implementation


  • Multi-state law comparison tools
  • Total compensation builder

Key Functions

  • Employee recognition
  • Organization and climate
  • Company policy review / creation / implementation
  • HR audit

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