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Murray Supports Your HR Professionals

Your employees bring their emotions, personal problems, and personal bias to work with them every day – the complex job of the human resource professional is to appreciate all of that while still holding them accountable. Then add the management of benefit plans, workers’ compensation, compliance with State and Federal laws, and any number of other things that fall to Human Resources, and the stress only rises.

Sometimes even an experienced HR team can use some help. Need advice on policies and procedures? Analysis of current HR programs or a timely solution to an issue? Technology? Whatever it is, we’re here! Our team of experts is ready to listen and be the support you need.

Rely on us

The Building Blocks

Our clients can rely on our informed team to offer advice and guidance in response to your human resources questions. That consultation may include:

  • Scorecards – to help evaluate the effectiveness of your human resource team
  • HR Insights – online materials and topical information
  • HR Toolkits – basic guides on tasks such as: on-boarding, interviewing, performance reviews, recruiting, and termination

A successful human resource program will include three very different, yet equally important components:

  • Compliance – Maintaining employee files, I-9s, new hire paperwork, benefit administration and all of the basics that keep your company protected.
  • Employee Relations – Performance management, employee discipline, manager training, and all other aspects that help to maintain a “best-practice” employment relationship between employees and the employer.
  • Employee Engagement – Creating a culture of inclusivity where employees are engaged with each other and the mission of the organization.

You Have Options

Determining where you are in executing the elements of each interrelated component and your internal capacity will allow us to customize the right solution for you, and the right relationship with us.

Project Consulting – Our team can partner on one or a series of projects as needed. For example:

  • Job Descriptions – Create legally- compliant job descriptions for any / all positions needed.
  • Handbook – Create a new handbook, or revise an existing handbook for legal compliance.
  • Training – One-on-one manager training or group training sessions will be designed to address your specific needs, from “managing conflict” to “preventing discrimination”.
  • Recruiting – Candidate screening, interviewing, and position descriptions.
  • Policy Improvement – Development of other “one-off” policies as needed.

Retained HR – Your choices start here:

  • Coaching / Mentoring – Retain our consultants to provide on-site coaching to those new to the HR function.
  • Partially Outsourced – Engage us on a temporary basis to assist your HR team where they need help, do an HR compliance review, or offer other advice to your team.
  • Fully Outsourced – Allow us to act as your Human Resource Manager, handling all things HR on your behalf.

Be more efficient, effective, and inclusive. Let’s have a conversation!

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