Central Pennsylvania Physicians Risk Retention Group

The Payment Environment is Changing. Is Your Current Insurance Provider Offering Help?

Central PA Physicians Risk Retention Group

Value-based reimbursement is here. Central Pennsylvania Physicians Risk Retention Group (CPP) has the tools and knowledge you need to adapt and succeed in this changing reimbursement environment. CPP is so much more than a medical professional liability insurance company. We are a physician’s business partner.

Our Mission

Provide a stable source of medical professional liability insurance coupled with a proprietary, comprehensive risk management program designed for Pennsylvania physicians and their practices.

Our Operating Principles
  • Invest in strategies that provide a long-term reduction in the exposures that cause claims.
  • Members are provided confidential access to lawyers and risk management consultants to manage events when they do occur.
  • Invest in educational programs and resources that improve business and customer service practices and educate our members to implement proven risk reduction strategies.
  • Committed to disciplined underwriting through careful risk selection and conservative pricing.
  • Maintain adequate capital and sufficient liquidity to protect our members.
Event Management and Defense of Claims

CPP’s event management program provides insureds with 24/7 support, attacking the “plus factors” that impact patient satisfaction and ultimately professional liability risk. Defense of claims includes a multi-disciplinary team comprised of nationally-recognized doctors and nurses with experienced defense lawyers and a commitment to partner with our members.

Discover the CPP Difference

You’re in control, ensuring alignment of incentives when making strategic and financial decisions. You have peace of mind knowing your best interests are being looked after.

Robust Risk Management

Our safety and risk management program is integrat- ed into every member’s practice. This comprehensive program is provided by a team of healthcare lawyers, safety and quality professionals, physicians, nurses and risk managers.

A Different, Aggressive Defense

We are proactive in defense of your claims. Defending you is a team comprised of an experienced defense trial lawyer, physician, nurse and risk manager.

SE Healthcare Quality Consulting

We partner with SE Healthcare Quality Consulting, pro- viding access to national physician thought leaders in their respective fields. This group of multi-specialty physician experts provides significant quality metrics and parameters to improve quality and safety. Their best practices are embedded into the CPP program.

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