Keystone Elite

A Unique Captive Program for Central Pennsylvania Businesses

Keystone Elite

Keystone Elite, Ltd., is a multi-line captive insurance program domiciled in Bermuda, with member companies from various industries throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our members are your neighbors and they all share a strong commitment to risk management excellence.

Captive programs offer many benefits to members, but ours is unique with:

“Sight & Sound is excited to be part of the Keystone Elite Captive. Our decision was based first on embracing the captive model which has a superior risk/reward balance, and incentivizes peer accountability and best practices. We specifically chose the Keystone captive for the large involvement from local businesses with similar values; its relatively small size which allows relationships to grow stronger; a proven, long-term trust relationship with Murray Securus; and finally, the low initial investment.”Tony Smith, Chief Financial Officer, Sight & Sound Theaters

  • Low cost to enter the captive and no premium assessment provision.
  • Selective membership – our goal is not size, but to provide stability for our members.
  • Local service providers – Murray Securus provides risk control and claims services.
  • Member control – members have input as to how the captive is operated and serviced.
Why Join a Captive?

Join a captive to share the risk and rewards of your positive risk management results.

Why Join Keystone Elite?

Keystone Elite lowers the barriers to achieving the best results possible – putting control in the hands of members. If you want to know your partners, value local, customized serve and she our commitment to risk management excellence, Keystone Elite may be right for you.

Plan ComparisonTraditional InsuranceNational CaptiveKeystone Elite
Low entry costN/ANoYes
Assessable premiumsNoYesNo
Selection of claims/risk control providersNoNoYes
Develop/change governanceN/ANoYes
Share underwriting profitsNoYesYes
Share investment incomeNoYesYes
Regional members/partnersNoNoYes
Path to Membership
  • Qualify – by meeting the high standards established by your peers.
  • Commit – to the pursuit of risk management excellence.
  • Participate – with your fellow members, sharing the rewards and responsibilities of carrying forward the best practices needed for your ongoing success.
Keystone Member Process

Program Essentials

Can Anyone Become a Member?

Membership is limited to insureds meet- ing specific premium thresholds, loss ex- perience, risk management best practices and financial stability. An objective is to create member synergies where best practices may be maximized to reduce overall loss costs and enhance underwrit- ing profit.

What Are the Financial Requirements?

Program members will provide initial capitalization in an amount of $5,000, as well as their annual premium. There are no future premium assessment fees for program members.

What Coverages are Included?

The required lines of coverage for the program includes three lines of business: 1) workers’ compensation; 2) commercial automobile (liability and physical damage); and 3) general liability.

How is the Program Governed?

An Executive Committee, comprised of captive members, is responsible for overall governance of the program. This includes underwriting, compliance, financial, legal and administrative matters. The Executive Committee is responsible for decision-making and policy adherence as well as managing the service providers supporting the program.

Who Provides Captive Services?

Great American Insurance Company (GAIC) provides fronting and reinsurance services for the program, including policy issuance, underwriting and administra- tive services. Marketing, risk control and claims management are provided by Murray Securus, with Saxton & Stump providing legal counsel. Captive management services are provided by Kane, the world’s largest independent insurance manager.

How Will the Captive Grow?

We will grow the program while main- taining high underwriting and risk man- agement standards. Murray Securus will market this program in conjunction with current members to identify potential members.

To Learn More or to be Considered for Membership, Contact:

Deanna Rosario, 717.397.9600 or send her an email.

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